Meet Our Team

Our Leadership

Fariba Rahman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Fariba is currently studying at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. She is passionate about creating change for underserved communities through entrepreneurship.

Fariha Babar

Chief Financial Officer 

Fariha is a senior at UC Berkeley double majoring in economics and data science. She is passionate about work that serves to uplift underrepresented communities.

Atreyo Chakrabarty

Chief Technical Officer 

Atreyo is a recent graduate from UW-Madison with a degree in Computer Science. He is passionate about finding elegant solutions to tough problems.

Web Developers 

Chengyu Li

Chengyu (Ree) is a versatile Data Scientist and Applied Mathematician graduating from UC Berkeley. With expertise in ML, AI, and Data Analysis. A dynamic leader and bilingual in English and Mandarin, Chengyu is poised to drive innovation and data-driven solutions. 

Zarah Taufique

Zarah is a tech-savvy Computer Engineering student at San Jose State. Driven by her commitment to social impact, she is excited to be part of the web development team to promote inclusivity and accessibility.

Angel Garcia-Sanchez

Angel is a Computer Science student with an AI concentration studying at Northeastern University. He is excited to use his skills in backend development to help create change for underrepresented communities in tech.

Sequoia Boubion-McKay

Sequoia is a dedicated student at Berkeley City College, pursuing animation and computer science with the goal of transferring to a UC. Also, enrolled in the UC Berkeley Extension Data Science Bootcamp to build a strong data science foundation. Aspires to be a global-impact machine learning engineer. Enjoys skateboarding, boxing, fitness, and has years of experience in digital animation, video editing, and sound design.

Marketing Team

Sabahun Salam

Sabahun is a rising junior at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Economics and Public Health. Her passion for community empowerment and inclusivity fuels her mission to create positive social change. With a professional and determined approach, she strives to make a meaningful impact with the Community Grounded team, and help make her own community more inclusive!

Amaan Ahmad

Amaan is a former student of Tokyo International University who majored in Digital Business and Innovation looking to transfer schools to Bangladesh in Computer Science. With a passion for design, he has learned all the necessary skills to make a meaningful impact through visual storytelling and by empowering people to participate in community initiatives via design.

Raisa Munir

Raisa is a recently graduated art major from UC Irvine. She is a multimedia artist who loves to come up with and execute unique, out-of-the-box, and humorous ideas. She has experience in drawing, interactive art installations, performance art, and video art. She’s excited to spread joy and entertainment through art.

Fanan Feno

Fanan is a pre-med Biology student at De Anza College. With a strong passion for community development and skills in marketing, she is thrilled to be a part of Community Grounded’s marketing team and to help build a more inclusive space for her own community as well as Berkeley’s. 

Tara Popovic

Outreach Team

Tara (they/she) is currently studying in UC Berkeley's Ethnic Studies and Comparative Literature departments. She is passionate about creating sustainable spaces of community care for marginalized communities where their stories and voices can be uplifted.